29 June 2008

Victoria Cross: J. Trewavas


Seaman, Royal Navy; HMS Beagle

Born: 14 December 1835, Mousehole, Cornwall
Died: 20 July 1905, Mousehole, Cornwall

Citation: "Particularly mentioned as having cut the hawsers of the floating bridge in the Straits of Genitchi [on 3 July 1855], under a heavy fire of musketry, on which occasion he was wounded." This service was performed by the crews of the Captain's gig, and of one of the paddle-box boats of the "Beagle," under a heavy fire of musketry at about a distance of eighty yards; the beach being completely lined with troops, and the adjacent houses filled with Riflemen. Joseph Trewavas is especially mentioned in the despatches as having been the person who cut the hawser.
(Despatch from Admiral Lord Lyons of 10th July, 1855, No. 546.)

(London Gazette Issue 21971 dated 24 Feb 1857, published 24 Feb 1857.)

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