01 November 2008

Book list - Oct 08

The Code of the Woosters - humour, by P G Wodehouse
To Visit the Queen - fantasy, by Diane Duane
Carry On, Mr Bowditch - children's historical novel, by Jean Lee Latham (Newbery Medal, 1956)
Onion John - children's, by Joseph Krumgold (Newbery Medal, 1960)
Stormchaser - children's fantasy, by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell
Jeeves and the Feudal Spirit - humour, by P G Wodehouse
Tamar - YA, by Mal Peet (Carnegie Medal, 2005)
Millions - children's, by Frank Cottrell Boyce (Carnegie Medal, 2004)
Smoky, the Cow Horse - children's, by Will James (Newbery Medal, 1927)
Miss Hickory - children's, by Carolyn Sherwin Bailey (Newbery Medal, 1947)
Midnight Over Sanctaphrax - children's fantasy, by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell
Up a Road Slowly - children's, by Irene Hunt (Newbery Medal, 1967)
Postcards From No Man's Land - YA, by Aidan Chambers (Carnegie Medal, 1999)
Monsoon Summer - YA, by Mitali Perkins
The Little Bookroom - children's (short stories), by Eleanor Farjeon (Carnegie Medal, 1955)
The Invisible Island - children's, by Dean Marshall *
Lucifer's Hammer - SF, by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle *

17 books this month; asterisks mark the two rereads. To reach my goal of 208 books this year I need to average 17.33 per month, so I'm (198 books and a novella) over a month ahead of track (174).

The five Newbery Medal winners bring my total thus far up to 68 of 87, and the four Carnegie Medal winners bring me up to 11 of 69.

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