30 November 2008

Victoria Cross: W. J. English


Lieutenant, 2nd Scottish Horse

Born: 6 October 1882, Cork, County Cork, Ireland
Died: 4 July 1941, aboard ship, off Egypt

Citation: This officer with five men was holding the right of a position at Vlakfontein on the 3rd July, 1901, during an attack by the Boers. Two of his men were killed and two wounded, but the position was still held, largely owing to Lieutenant English’s personal pluck. When the ammunition ran short he went over to the next party and obtained more; to do this he had to cross some 15 yards of open ground under a heavy fire at a range of from 20 to 30 yards.

(London Gazette issue 27362 dated 4 Oct 1901, published 4 Oct 1901.)

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