07 February 2009

What office supply are you?

You Are a Post-it

You have a good memory. Your memory is so good, in fact, that it can be down right annoying at times.

You don't mean to nag, but you like to remind people what they're supposed to be doing.

You may be a bit of a pest, but you're awfully cute. So no one minds it all too much when you pop up.

You would make a good manger, salesperson or attorney. You can cram a lot of info into that head of yours.

"Manger"? I hope they mean "manager"! I'd make a terrible salesperson - you have to like people a whole lot better than I do (or at least be much better than I am at pretending you like people) in order to be a good one. And I think I feel insulted at being told I'd make a good lawyer....

1 comment:

Mega Munch said...

I'm a red pen! That's funny, because my red pen is pretty much the only supply that I'm really picky about.

I know for sure you answered "Jeopardy" to the game show question, James. I remember on the boat, a few times we watched Jeopardy and you were a freakin' encyclopedia. You seriously should try out for that show.