10 May 2009

Victoria Cross: A. H. A. Anson


Captain, 84th Regiment

Born: 5 March 1835, Pembroke, Pembrokeshire, Wales
Died: 17 December 1877, Cannes, France

Citation: For conspicuous bravery at Bolundshahur on the 28th September, 1857. The 9th Light Dragoons had charged through the town, and were reforming in the Serai; the enemy attempted to close the entrance by drawing their carts across it, so as to shut in the cavalry and form a cover from which to fire upon them. Captain Anson, taking a lance, dashed out of the gateway, and knocked the drivers off their carts. Owing to a wound in his left hand, he could not stop his horse, and rode into the middle of the enemy, who fired a volley at him, one ball passing through his coat. At Lucknow, at the assault of the Secundra Bagh, on 16th November, 1857, he entered with the storming party on the gates being burst open. He had his horse killed, and was himself slightly wounded. He has shewn the greatest gallantry on every occasion, and has slain many enemies in fight.

(London Gazette Issue 22212 dated 24 Dec 1858, published 24 Dec 1858.)

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