01 May 2011

Medal of Honor: P. Mullen


Boatswain's Mate, US Navy; USS Wyandank and USS Don

Born: 6 May 1844, Baltimore, Maryland
Died: 14 February 1897

Citation: Served as boatswain's mate on board the U.S.S. Wyandank during a boat expedition up Mattox Creek, 17 March 1865. Rendering gallant assistance to his commanding officer, Mullen, lying on his back, loaded the howitzer and then fired so carefully as to kill and wound many rebels, causing their retreat.

Citation: Served as boatswain's mate on board the U.S.S. Don, 1 May 1865. Engaged in picking up the crew of picket launch No. 6, which had swamped. Mullen, seeing an officer who was at that time no longer able to keep up and was below the surface of the water, jumped overboard and brought the officer to the boat, thereby rescuing him from drowning, which brave action entitled him to wear a bar on the medal he had already received at Mattox Creek, 17 March 1865.

Notes: Mullen was one of nineteen men to receive a second award of the Medal of Honor.
Wyandank was a wooden-hulled, sidewheel ferryboat acquired by the Navy in 1861 and storeship for the Potomac Flotilla. Don was a British blockade runner captured off North Carolina in 1862, used to enforce the Union blockade of Confederate ports in Virginia.

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