15 May 2011

Victoria Cross: L. C. Maygar


Lieutenant, 5th Victorian Mounted Rifles

Born: 26 May 1874, Dean Station, Victoria, Australia
Died: 17 November 1917, Palestine

Citation: At Geelhoutboom, on the 23rd November, 1901, Lieutenant Maygar galloped out and ordered the men of a detached post, which was being outflanked, to retire. The horse of one of them being shot under him, when the enemy were within 200 yards, Lieutenant Maygar dismounted and lifted him on to his own horse, which bolted into boggy ground, causing both of them to dismount. On extricating the horse and finding that it could not carry both, Lieutenant Maygar again put the man on its back, and told him to gallop for cover at once, he himself proceeding on foot. All this took place under a very heavy fire.

[London Gazette issue 27405 dated 11 Feb 1902, published 11 Feb 1902.]

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