06 May 2011

Report card BS

ZUI this article from The Huffington Post:
Forget the familiar A, B and C on your child's report card -- the new letters to look out for could be B, M and I.

Sending students home with a "weight grade" has been a growing trend over the past few years, with several U.S. states adopting policies to list a BMI calculation on children's school report cards, often with exercise or nutrition tips to help parents keep kids on track. And now Malaysia has just passed a countrywide policy to include a BMI score at school alongside the typical academic marks.

(Links copied from original HuffPost article.)

Say what? Who came up with this nonsense?

H/T to Cheryl Rainfield who, along with fellow author Sarah Darer Littman, thinks this is a very bad idea and has a petition up to stop this practice.

I've signed.

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