01 August 2007

Book list - Jul 07

So Disdained - espionage novel, by Nevil Shute
All-of-a-Kind Family Downtown - children's, by Sydney Taylor
Solo - thriller, by Jack Higgins
The Dreaming Suburb - family saga, by R F Delderfield
Steel Magic - children's fantasy, by Andre Norton
Alanna: The First Adventure - fantasy, by Tamora Pierce
In the Hand of the Goddess - fantasy, by Tamora Pierce
The Woman Who Rides Like a Man - fantasy, by Tamora Pierce
The Cat Who Knew Shakespeare - mystery, by Lilian Jackson Braun
The Weapon from Beyond - SF, by Edmond Hamilton
The Closed Worlds - SF, by Edmond Hamilton
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - fantasy, by J K Rowling
World of the Starwolves - SF, by Edmond Hamilton
The Burning Mountain - AH, by Alfred Coppel
Trail of the Seahawks - SF, by Ardath Mayhar and Ron Fortier
The Alpine Decoy - mystery, by Mary Daheim
Noblesse Oblige - sociology, edited by Nancy Mitford

17 books this month. The three Hamilton books make up the Starwolf (Morgan Chane) trilogy; I know I read one of them back around high school (I remember being amused when I learned that Varna, the name of the Starwolf homeworld, was also the name of a city in Bulgaria), but nothing seemed familiar so I can't say for sure which one. Higgins, Delderfield and Norton were also rereads, but everything else was new. To me, anyway.

So many projects going.... I have the "By the Decade" challenge (which I'm not getting very far with), and my programme to read all of the Newbery Medal books (29 of 86 thus far). I want to read more books by Nevil Shute - I really enjoyed So Disdained - and I'd like to read all of Miss Read's "Fairacre" and "Thrush Green" books (our public library has most of them). I want to read a few Jules Verne books that I haven't read yet, such as Five Weeks in a Balloon and Search for the Castaways. (I've seen both movies, but....) And I'm thinking about reading as many of the Carnegie Medal books as I can after I finish the Newbery list.

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