12 August 2007

Victoria Cross: A. T. Moore and J. G. Malcolmson


Lieutenant and Adjutant, 3rd Bombay Light Cavalry

Born: 20 September 1830, Carlingford, Louth, Ireland


Lieutenant, 3rd Bombay Light Cavalry

Born: 9 February 1835, Muchrach, Inverness, Scotland

Joint Citation: On the occasion of an attack on the enemy on the 8th of February, 1857 [at the Battle of Khoosh-ab, Persia], led by Lieutenant-Colonel Forbes, C.B., Lieutenant Moore, the Adjutant of the Regiment, was, perhaps, the first of all by a horse's length. His horse leaped into the square, and instantly fell dead, crushing down his rider, and breaking his sword as he fell amid the broken ranks of the enemy. Lieutenant Moore speedily extricated himself, and attempted with his broken sword to force his way through the press; but he assuredly would have lost his life, had not the gallant young Lieutenant Malcolmson, observing his peril, fought his way to his dismounted comrade through a crowd of enemies to his rescue, and, giving him his stirrup, safely carried him through everything out of the throng.
The thoughtfulness for others, cool determination, devoted courage, and ready activity shewn in extreme danger by this young officer, Lieutenant Malcolmson, appear to have been most admirable, and to be worthy of the highest honour.

(London Gazette Issue 22409 dated 3 Aug 1860, published 3 Aug 1860.)

Lieutenant Moore's medals

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