05 August 2007

Medal of Honor: J. C. and W. P. Black


Lieutenant Colonel, 37th Illinois Infantry

Born: 27 January 1839, Lexington, Holmes County, Miss.

Citation: Gallantly charged the position of the enemy [at Prairie Grove, Arkansas, 7 December 1862] at the head of his regiment, after 2 other regiments had been repulsed and driven down the hill, and captured a battery; was severely wounded.


Captain, Company K, 37th Illinois Infantry

Born: 11 November 1842, Woodford, Ky.

Citation: Single-handedly confronted the enemy [at Pea Ridge, Arkansas, 7 March 1862], firing a rifle at them and thus checking their advance within 100 yards of the lines.

Note: Another pair of brothers who were awarded the Medal of Honor.

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