01 September 2007

Book list - Aug 07

Night Watch - fantasy, by Robin Wayne Bailey
Robert Adams' Book of Alternate Worlds - AH/fantasy (short stories), edited by Robert Adams, Martin H Greenberg and Pamela Crippen Adams
Rebel: The Life and Times of John Singleton Mosby - biography, by Kevin H Siepel
The Demon Breed - SF, by James H Schmitz
The End of the Bronze Age - history, by Robert Drews
Scenes of Crime - mystery, by Lesley Egan
A Dream Apart - mystery, by Lesley Egan
The Hunters and the Hunted - mystery, by Lesley Egan
A Cat in a Glass House - mystery, by Lydia Adamson
A Choice of Crimes - mystery, by Lesley Egan
Chain of Violence - mystery, by Lesley Egan

Only 11 books this month. Didn't read any Newbery Medal winners, so I'm still at 29 of 86.

The Egans were all rereads, but the other books were new to me. Really enjoyed The Demon Breed; only other book I've read by Schmitz was The Witches of Karres, and I liked that one, too, so I guess I'll have to go looking for more....

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