30 September 2007

Victoria Cross: E. F. Gifford


Lieutenant, 2nd Battalion, 24th Regiment of Foot

Born: 5 July 1849, Ropley, Hampshire

Citation: For his gallant conduct during the operations [during the 1873-74 Ashanti Campaign], and especially at the taking of Becquah.
The Officer commanding the Expeditionary Force reports that Lord Gifford was in charge of the Scouts after the Army crossed the Prah, and that it is no exaggeration to say that since the Adansi Hills were passed, he daily carried his life in his hand in the performance of his most dangerous duties. He hung upon the rear of the enemy, discovering their position, and ferreting out their intentions. With no other white man with him, he captured numerous prisoners; but Sir Garnet Wolseley brings him forward for this mark of Royal favour most especially for his conduct at the taking of Becquah, into which place he penetrated with his scouts before the troops carried it, when his gallantry and courage were most conspicuous.

(London Gazette Issue 24082 dated 31 Mar 1874, published 31 Mar 1874.)

Note: Lieutenant Lord Gifford was the uncle of Lieutenant J F P Butler, The King's Royal Rifle Corps, who was awarded the Victoria Cross for his actions in November and December, 1914, in the Cameroons, West Africa.

Becquah (modern Bekwai) is located about twenty miles south of Kumasi, Ghana.

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