02 September 2007

Victoria Cross: W. Babtie


Major, Royal Army Medical Corps

Born: 7 May 1859, Dumbarton, Scotland.

Citation: At Colenso [South Africa], on the 15th December, 1899, the wounded of the 14th and 66th Batteries, Royal Field Artillery, were lying in an advanced donga close in the rear of the guns without any Medical Officer to attend to them, and when a message was sent back asking for assistance, Major W. Babtie, R.A.M.C., rode up under a heavy rifle fire, his pony being hit three times. When he arrived at the donga, where the wounded were lying in sheltered corners, he attended to them all, going from place to place exposed to the heavy rifle fire which greeted anyone who showed himself.
Later on in the day, Major Babtie went out with Captain Congreve to bring in Lieutenant Roberts, who was lying wounded on the veldt. This also was under a heavy fire.

(London Gazette Issue 27184 dated 20 Apr 1900, published 20 Apr 1900.)

Note: A donga is a gully made by soil erosion.

Captain Walter N Congreve, The Rifle Brigade; Captain Harry N Schofield, Royal Field Artillery; Captain Hamilton L Reed, Royal Field Artillery; Lieutenant the Hon Frederick H S Roberts, Bengal Artillery; and Corporal George E Nurse, Royal Field Artillery, also received the Victoria Cross for their actions on this occasion.

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