09 February 2010

Top 100 Children's Novels: 100-91

Betsy Bird has posted the first installment (numbers 100-91) of her Top 100 Children's Novels over at A Fuse #8 Production. Children of Green Knowe, by Lucy M Boston, which was on the list I submitted, is number 98, and Swallows and Amazons by Arthur Ransome, my number-one choice for this list, is number 94.* I've also read Pippi Longstocking (Astrid Lindgren, #95) and Caddie Woodlawn** (Carol Ryrie Brink, #93), and I've seen the film versions of both Swallows and Amazons and The Witches (Roald Dahl, #96).

Stay tuned for the next installment....

* Can't believe it's that low!!!
** Newbery Medal winner

1 comment:

SchrefflerFamily said...

I suspect the problem is the number of people who have never read them! I'd never heard of either and my library only has Swallows and amazons.