15 April 2010

Top 100 Children's Novels: The roundup

First off, here is the complete list of the books, with links to the posts in which Betsy described them.

Once Betsy got down to the Top 20, she asked for predictions of which books would be in the Top Ten. Here is a list of books that were listed in people's predictions, but weren't actually Top Ten books.

The book in the #100 slot (The Egypt Game, by Zilpha Keatley Snyder) had nine votes, for a total of 39 points. These are the books in the #101-120 positions. Only three of the books that were on my original submission made the Top 100, the highest at #66; one more is here: Five Children and It, by E Nesbit (#112, with 34 points).

Eric has posted his final analysis of the Top 100: Country of original publication, percentage of books which were part of a series, distribution of books by decade in which originally published, &c. He also has lists of what the Top 25 would have been if Betsy had used different scoring methods. Charlotte's Web is obviously a well-loved book - it retains the #1 slot in all of these alternate lists.

Casa Camisas offers a list of "The Best 100 Children’s Books of . . . THE FUTURE (dun dun dun!)" - a statistical refactoring of books 9-100 (together with a promise that it would be updated after books 1-8 were announced).

Many, many thanks to Betsy, for going to all the trouble of doing this, and also to all the others who participated and made it possible for her to do so.

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