01 April 2010

Top Ten Children's Novels: 8

Number 9:
The Secret Garden,
by Frances Hodgson Burnett.

I've never read this - or even been tempted to - and I haven't seen any of the film versions (1949, 1975 and 1993), but I had it correctly as #8 on my Top Ten prediction. It's certainly been around long enough (originally published in 1911), and I've heard many glowing descriptions of it. I suppose now I'll have to read it....

Go look at Betsy's post quickly, before she deletes her April Fool's joke!

Update 1011 8 Apr 10: The April Fool's joke was to list The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (or Pyjamas, if you prefer), by John Boyne, as the #8 book, complete with spurious point counts and comments. Since the blog as it appears on SLJ's website shows only the top few lines of each post, one had to actually click on the "read more" link to find out that this was the real #8.

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