25 July 2006

Book lists - Apr-Jun 06

I've decided one thing I'm going to do with this is use it to keep my lists of books I read. So without further ado:

Apr 06
Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong - US history, by James W Loewen
To Your Scattered Bodies Go - SF, by Philip Jose Farmer

I'd never read either of these before.

May 06
The Steam Locomotive: A Century of North American Classics - railroad history, by Jim Boyd
Mother Was a Gunner's Mate - WWII memoirs, by Josette Dermody Wingo
The Borrowers Afield - children's, by Mary Norton
Pegasus Bridge - WW II, by Stephen Ambrose

The Norton was a reread; the others were new to me.

Jun 06
D-Day - WW II, by Stephen Ambrose*
The Union Club Mysteries - mysteries, by Isaac Asimov
Time Scout - time travel, by Bob Asprin and Linda Evans
ARC Riders - time travel, by David Drake and Janet Morris
Napoleon Disentimed - AH/time travel, by Hayford Peirce
Sinbad and Me - YA mystery, by Kin Platt

The Ambrose was new to me, but the others were all rereads.

All in all, it's a far cry from my high-school days, when I used to average better than a book a day. Blame it on my wife, my kids, my job, and this computer....

* By pure coincidence, I finished reading D-Day on 6 June, the 42nd anniversary of the day itself.

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