30 July 2006

Time flies

When I was stationed down in Norfolk, back in the 20th century, my mother-in-law used to come down to visit, and we'd go to Busch Gardens. The two ladies would go on the rides, and since I don't care for that sort of thing, I'd sit and watch the baby.

Now that baby is ten years old, and at SubFest this month she (green t-shirt, front row, in the picture above) had her first experience with the "grown-up" rides.

And this afternoon she'll be leaving for twelve days at Girl Scout camp. Both girls have spent nights away from home, of course, at Grandma's, or with friends from school, or with kids in the neighbourhood. But never so far away, or for such a long time.

It's going to be awfully quiet around here for the next couple weeks....

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