29 July 2006

A wee bit of bragging

The ISI World Recreational Team Championships were held this week up in Marlboro MA. There were well over a hundred teams competing. Most were from the US, of course, but there were also skaters from Mexico, the Philippines, China (both Taiwan and Hong Kong) and Dubai.

My daughter has been skating since she was four, just a couple months after her mother let her stay up to watch the figure skating at the '02 Olympics. ISI groups competitors as much as possible by age and sex, so she was part of a group of six eight-year-old girls. Of the other five girls, three were from MA, one was from MI, and the other from CA. She was a little disappointed that she didn't get first, but we told her second place wasn't a bad thing at something like this; the girls she was skating against were probably the ones who did best at their district competitions. (Our district competition was held in June, out on Cape Cod, and she came in second of a group of eight.)

Not that I really think we have a future Olympic champion here, but it's nice to dream....

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SIGO said...

Give my congratulations to your kiddo. That stuff looks pretty intimidating to me....I'm more used to just outting on foot in front of another until I get to where I'm going...speaking of which, I've got a comment to add to your other article.