29 July 2006

These people are not sane

A 100-mile foot race in the middle of a California summer? The article doesn't say what the winning time was, but the woman (!) who came in third finished it in less than nineteen and a half hours.

She not only finished the 100 miles, she won the Western States Endurance Run.
Maybe even more impressive than being the first female to finish was the fact she was the third finisher overall. Only males Graham Cooper of Oakland, Calif., and Erik Skaden of Folsom, Calif., finished ahead of her.
Perhaps just as impressive is the fact she finished at all when 189 in a field of 399 starters did not. She conquered the heat and trails from Squaw Valley to Auburn, Calif., and did it in 19 hours, 26 minutes and 51 seconds.
"It was 101 degrees in Auburn, but much hotter in the canyons," Kimball said. "It was well over a hundred in the canyons; unbelievably hot."

I'll say. Anything over 70F is starting to get too hot for me.

To me it's even more impressive because she's from Vermont - she didn't grow up in that kind of climate.

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SIGO said...

That's pretty awesome. I've done cycling events that length or longer but never running. The best I'd ever done was a handful of marathons when I was in the National Guard.

Maybe one day I'll have the time to try something like that. Of course, there's the Hotter than Hell race coming up so I'd better get off the computer!