30 July 2006

Russian Navy Day

Joel, over at The Stupid Shall Be Punished, has an interesting post up about Navy Day, which the Russians are celebrating today, and about the near future of the Russian submarine force.

Being the sort of person I am, my first thought upon reading this was to wonder whom the Yury Dolgoruky was named after. According to this and this, Yuriy Dolgorukiy* (George the Long-Armed) was a 12th-century Prince of Suzdal and Grand Prince of Kiev, and the son of the founder of Moscow.

Here's an article from Global Security about the new Borei-class submarines (it seems the third boat in this class is to be named after Yuriy's father), and here's one from TASS about the Navy Day celebrations.

* Or Yurij Dolgorukij, to use the transliteration scheme I learned.

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