14 September 2006

Banned books

24-30 September is Banned Books Week.

I'm going to try to read at least one banned book during that week, and I recommend that everyone else do, too. I may reread Tom Sawyer* or Lord of the Flies**, or I may read one I've never read before. There are all sorts of them, banned for all sorts of ridiculous reasons; Wikipedia has a list, which in turn links to other lists. Kurtis, at Outside of a Cat, also has some links to lists.

And if you're looking for a gift for the librarian in your life, Jen Robinson provided a link to these bracelets. There are two versions - one for adults and one for kids - and they feature little tiles with the covers of banned books, along with a tile that says "I read banned books."

* Banned for racism and for the "questionable character" of the main protagonist.
** Banned for scenes involving child murder.

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