25 September 2006

This day in history: 25 Sep

1066: King Harold II Godwinson of England defeated King Harald III Hardråde's invading Norwegians at the Battle of Stamford Bridge. It was a decisive victory for the English; Harald was killed, along with most of his army (including Harold's brother, Earl Tostig Godwinson). Unfortunately for Harold, however, he himself was killed nineteen days later at the Battle of Hastings.

1846: US forces under Zachary Taylor captured the Mexican city of Monterrey.

1970: The first episode of The Partridge Family was broadcast on ABC.

Johann Strauss Sr (1804-1849), Emily Post (1873-1960), Erich Maria Remarque (1898-1970), Marion Zimmer Bradley (1930-1999) and Don Adams (1923-2005) all died on this date.

And happy birthday to Nicolas Cugnot (1725-1804), Fletcher Christian (1764-1793), Shel Silverstein (1930-1999), Christopher Reeve (1952-2004), and Will Smith (1968-TBD).

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