07 September 2006

Russian submarine fire

Bubblehead, at The Stupid Shall Be Punished, has a collection of links to articles about the fire on the Victor III-class* submarine Daniil Moskovskij (K-388). Two men are reported dead from smoke inhalation.

More links can be found here, at The Sub Report.

* Project 671RTM Shuka-class, to the Russians. (The name is listed as "Shchuka" in most English-language references. The only Russian source I've found spells it "Shuka," and uses the term "Shchuka" to refer to the Project 971 boats known to NATO as Akula II.) If you read Russian, see here for an article from the Entsiklopediya Korablej (Encyclopaedia of Ships).

Update 1857 7 Sep: Okay, I've found another Russian site, and this one does refer to the 671RTM as "Shchuka." So now the question is, which one of these guys can't spell...?

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