01 October 2006

The Empress of South Korea

According to this article from the JoongAng Daily National, the family of the last reigning emperor of South Korea have unofficially restored Yi Hae-Won as empress.
The privately run Imperial Family Association of Daehanjeguk (the Empire of Korea), organized in June by about a dozen descendants of the last emperor, held an hour-long ceremony in a hotel in downtown Seoul to have Yi Hae-won, 88, restored as the empress of South Korea.
"We unanimously agreed that Yi deserves to be the empress as she is the eldest authentic survivor of the imperial family," said Yi Cho-nam, president of the association. "We hope to unite the royal descendants spread across the country and speak as one voice through Empress Yi."

Another article, from The Korea Times, adds:
Yi is the daughter of Prince Uichin, fifth son of King Kojong, the second last king of the Chosun Kingdom.

In a nationwide poll conducted last month by a local pollster RealMeter, 54.4 percent of 460 South Koreans said they would like to see the royal house brought back to wield at least symbolic power.


copadan said...

This was some time ago. In a country that seems primed for Monarchy this was a good move on the associations part. God Save the Empress.
Does anyone know how to locate an address for this group???
Thank you!!

Han River Riders said...

A sad day has come and the time to say fair well to a great person. Yi Hae Won passed away this morning, may she rest in peace

Unknown said...

May she rest in peace.