28 October 2006

Got kids?

Got kids that read?

The 2006 Children's and YA Bloggers' Literary Awards (Cybils) are taking nominations here for the best English-language books of 2006.

Quoting liberally (but not completely) from their FAQ:
1. Which books are eligible?
Any children's or YA book published in English in 2006, including translated and bilingual books.

2. How do I nominate a book?
Type them into the comments section under each category. Categories are listed to your right, or scroll down through previous posts.

3. How many books can I nominate?
No more than one in a category. If you list a bunch, we'll email you and ask you to pick your favorite.

4. What if I don't know which category it belongs in?
Make your best guess. If you're mistaken, the organizers will forward it to the right category.

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