03 April 2007

Thank you, Kelly

Kelly Herold writes an outstanding kidlit blog called Big A little a, providing not only her own book reviews but also links to published reviews, poetry and other good things.

Turns out that in Real Life, she's an assistant professor of Russian somewhere in the Midwest. And she was able (and willing) to help me out with a problem that's been bothering me since the mid-1960s.

My favourite group is the Chad Mitchell Trio, and my favourite song by them is one called "Molodezhnaya."* Unfortunately, it's also the one CMT song I couldn't sing along with, because it's in Russian and I couldn't figure out the words. Kelly not only recognised the song, which comes from a 1938 Soviet musical called Volga-Volga, but sent me the words to it - original Russian, transliteration into the Roman alphabet, and translation.

So once again, thank you, Kelly!

* Spelt "Maladyozhenaya" on their albums.


Kelly said...

Aww...You're welcome, OC! It's great to be able to help when I can. It's not like I can save a life or anything with my training :)

Jen Robinson said...

Kelly rocks, for sure!