29 April 2007

Victoria Cross: M. E. Nasmith


Lieutenant Commander, Royal Navy; commanding HM Submarine E11

Born: 1 April 1883, East Barnes, London

Citation: For most conspicuous bravery in command of one of His Majesty's Submarines, while operating in the Sea of Marmora [during the period 20 May-8 Jun 1915]. In the face of great danger he succeeded in destroying one large Turkish gunboat, two transports, one ammunition ship and three storeships, in addition to driving one storeship ashore. When he had safely passed the most difficult part of his homeward journey he returned again to torpedo a Turkish transport.

(London Gazette Issue 29206 dated 25 Jun 1915, published 25 Jun 1915.)

Note: Lieutenant Guy D'Oyly Hughes RN and Acting Lieutenant Robert Brown RNR were awarded the Distinguished Service Cross, and the remaining members of the crew received the Distinguished Service Medal, for this combat patrol.

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Ancient Clown said...

Blessings there ya Old Coot:

I AM, coast to coast Canadian, after being conceived in Sydney N.S. and flying through the sky in a plane as the lightning flashes from the East even through to the west, I was Born in Vancouver B.C. as was prophesied by Christ(but let's not get sidetracked).
This is a serious question regarding a serious topic, especially for men in our line of work, as I used to be a member of the "Princess of Wales Own Regiment".
I hope I still have your attention because it's a two part question.
How do I get the Canadian Armed Forces to stop supporting the murder of it's own citizens? And to take action against those who are currently committing these crimes and violations of not only, The Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms, but the Geneva Convention as well.
I would like to remind you at this point that an official declaration of war need not be made for the rules of the Geneva Convention to apply...the very breaking of them constitutes a declaration of WAR.
At first I thought maybe you all didn't know, but as I've been making you aware, only to be disregarded or threatened, I suspect now that it stems from cowardice or selfishness.
Perhaps you could inform me differently or help me realize how and why you sit in silence while poor people are being murdered and tortured around you at the hands of the police and crown...while Canadian natives suffer continual genocide and treaty violations.
What medal do you give for that?

Or if you really didn't know ANYTHING about this until NOW...what do you suggest doing about it?
your humble servant,
ancient clown