10 October 2008

AH 6.4 beer

ZUI this article from the MOD Defence News:
A Suffolk-based micro-brewery has celebrated the strength and power of the Apache attack helicopter by brewing a brand new beer which will also help to raise money for a military charity.

Bartrams Brewery has brewed a new ale - called AH 6.4 - a 6.4% strength beer in honour of the Apache attack helicopter, technically known as the AH-64. And the design of the label incorporates the colours, the "Red and Green", of 4 Regiment Army Air Corps and lists the Regiment's battle honours.

The beer, which started out as a one-off present for when a commanding officer was posted, has now become such a success that it will be permanently brewed with 10p from each bottle going towards a military charity.


Mr Bartram decided to brew an old-fashioned India Pale Ale (IPA). He then did some research of hops and as the Apache is a blend of British and US industry, he chose a traditional British hop called Target and an American hop called Mount Hood and blended the two.

The product was purely going to be for the dining out event but proved hugely popular with the guests.


Lt Col Dalton suggested that if it was to be permanent then a donation should be made to the Wattisham Branch of SSAFA (Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association) Forces Help. Now 10p from every bottle sold will go towards the military charity that provides support to military personnel.

The web page for Bartrams is here, though there's no mention yet of the new brew. And for more about the Apache, see here and here.

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