28 October 2008

RIP: Delfino Borroni

Delfino Borroni
23 Aug 1898 - 26 Oct 2008

The last Italian veteran of World War I has died. This article from The Australian is the only English-language news article I've found thus far. Those who read Italian can check these brief articles from La Stampa and Varese News, and this longer piece from Corriere Della Sera.

Borroni's death comes after the deaths earlier this year of the last German, Austrian, Turkish, French* and female veterans of the Great War.

* Ponticelli was an Italian who served in the French Foreign Legion. The last surviving actual Frenchman who served in World War I also died earlier this year. The Wikipedia article (for which the usual caveats apply) currently lists two other French veterans, but they are not officially recognised by the French govertnment as WWI veterans.

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