22 October 2008

The BangBang Book Challenge

I'm going to try another reading challenge - The BangBang Book Challenge.
The Rules:
- To participate you must choose 5 fiction books and sign up using the Mr. Linky link below.
- The challenge lasts from Sept. 1 2008 through Feb. 28, 2009.
- There will be monthly Mr. Linkys for your reviews.
- You may overlap with other challenges.
- When you sign up, please leave a comment as well! I want to make sure there are no glitches and I am able to include everyone in the participants area over on the right.
- Also, when you comment after signing up, please include a list of the books you intend to read. The list can change along the way, of course, but it’s always nice to see what’s in your heads.

I've picked five books I've never read before:
Savage Wilderness (Harold Coyle) - French & Indian War
Master & Commander (Patrick O'Brian) - Napoleonic Wars
Fire on the Waters (David Poyer) - US Civil War
The Horizon (Douglas Reeman) - World War I
Torpedo Run (Douglas Reeman) - World War II

Though I may substitute another WWII book, so as to have five different authors represented.

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