01 October 2008

STS-129 (Discovery) crew named

ZUI this press release from NASA:
NASA has assigned the crew for space shuttle Discovery's STS-129 mission. The flight will deliver two experiment racks to the International Space Station.

Marine Col. Charlie Hobaugh will command the mission, which is targeted to launch in October 2009. Navy Capt. Barry Wilmore will serve as the pilot. Mission Specialists are Robert Satcher, Navy Capt. Michael Foreman, Marine Lt. Col. Randy Bresnik and Leland Melvin. Wilmore, Satcher and Bresnik will be making their first trips to space.

The mission will return Canadian Space Agency astronaut and station crew member Robert Thirsk to Earth. This is slated to be the final space shuttle crew rotation flight to or from the space station.

Discovery will deliver parts to the space station, including two spare gyroscopes. The mission will feature four spacewalks.

Dr Thirsk is scheduled to arrive at the International Space Station in May 2009 aboard Soyuz TMA-15.

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