01 January 2009

Book list - Dec 08

A Gathering of Days: A New England Girl's Journal, 1830-32 - children's historical fiction, by Joan W Blos (Newbery Medal, 1980)
The Eyes of a King - YA fantasy, by Catherine Banner
Theodosia and the Serpents of Chaos - children's, by R L LaFevers
Q-Ships Versus U-Boats: America's Secret Project - WW II, by Kenneth M Beyer
Crossing to Paradise - children's historical fiction, by Kevin Crossley-Holland
The Little White Horse - children's fantasy, by Elizabeth Goudge (Carnegie Medal, 1946)
The Great American Elephant Chase - children's historical fiction, by Gillian Cross
The Terror Before Trafalgar: Nelson, Napoleon and the Secret War - European history, by Tom Pocock
Just Ella - YA, by Margaret Peterson Haddix
Palace of Mirrors - YA, by Margaret Peterson Haddix
Tall Blondes: A Book About Giraffes - natural history, by Lynn Sherr
Hole in the Sky - YA SF, by Pete Hautman

Twelve books this month, with no rereads. I reached my goal of 208 books this year sometime around the 22nd (wasn't paying attention) of November.

The one Newbery Medal winner brings my total thus far up to 70 of 87, and the one Carnegie Medal winner brings me up to 13 of 69.

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