28 January 2009

One World – One Day – One Photo

Just wanted to pass along an idea I picked up from Facebook:
One World - One Day - One Photo : Sunday February 15th 2009

This project hopes to gather contributors from ALL OVER THE WORLD in a visual celebration of the world we live in. On SUNDAY FEBRUARY 15th 2009 we encourage EVERYONE to go out and take ONE photo of the world you live in - and send it in to us. Then we will select the best pictures, and collect them in ONE BIG PRINTED BOOK, that will be available for purchase online – also, all pictures will be displayed here, for free. One randomly chosen contributor will WIN one FREE copy of the book!


-The picture MUST be taken on SUNDAY FEBRUARY 15th 2009!!!
-The picture MUST be taken by YOU.
-When sending us the picture, you must write in your email that you give us the right to print your photo in the book.

You can use any sort of device to take the picture: camera, cell phone, webcam … whatever, just keep in mind that the better the picture is - the more interesting it is - the bigger the chance that it will be selected for the book!

Please notice that this is a NON-PROFIT project. Purchase is not a condition for entering, and if you do buy the book, any profit made will be donated to an as-of-yet undetermined charity organization.

Now, SIGN UP, and don’t forget to invite EVERYONE you know.

How GLOBAL are we? Countries signed up so far: Denmark, South Africa, USA, Canada, Trinidad & Tobago, Hong Kong, Croatia, Australia, UK, Latvia, Singapore, New Zealand, Taiwan, Faroe Islands, Chile, Iceland, Sweden, Egypt, Russia, China, Turkey, France, Japan, Tunisia, Norway, Israel, Colombia, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Netherlands, Finland, Bahrain, Azerbaijan, Greece, Belgium and Barbados (*Pheew* ... that's 36 so far - and there are some 192 countries in the world!)

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