21 January 2009

RIP: Bob May

Bob May
4 Sep 1939 - 18 Jan 2009

ZUI this article from CBC News:
Veteran Hollywood actor and stuntman Bob May, best known for playing the Robot in 1960s TV hit Lost in Space, has died at age 69.

He died Sunday in a hospital in Lancaster, Calif., of congestive heart failure, according to his daughter, Deborah.


Though it was announcer Dick Tufeld who ultimately provided Robot's voice — famed for the line "Danger, Will Robinson!") — May still developed a fan following that showed its appreciation when he made appearances at memorabilia shows and conventions.

May is survived by his wife, Judith, two children and four grandchildren.

The Columbus (OH) Dispatch has an article here, and May's website can be found here.

I remember watching the first episode of Lost in Space, back in 1965. It was a cliff-hanger - and of course I missed the next episode, picking up again the following week. The robot was my favourite character.

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The Book Chook said...

I liked the way the robot waggled his arms around when he was saying "Danger". All my memories of Lost in Space seem to have the same backdrop of papier- mache rocks. I used to get so mad with Dr Smith. Looking back, that probably makes his acting, and the writers lines, quite successful!