20 August 2006

Chocolate-covered what?

One of the joys of the '60s was listening to the Smothers Brothers. Whether on vinyl or on TV, Tommy and Dickie had some of the best comedy routines there were. And, of course, there was The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, their variety show which CBS so rudely canceled on them, with Pat Paulsen running for president. (Too bad he's not still around - I would have voted for him last time....)

One of their songs concerned Tommy's alleged adventure with a vat of chocolate. I'm not going to try to repeat the whole thing, with the repeated lines, the interruptions and the chorus (I don't remember it all anyway), but it amounted to something like this:

T - I fell into a vat of chocolate.
D - What did you do when you fell into the chocolate?
T - I yelled "fire" when I fell into the chocolate.
D - Why'd you yell "fire" when you fell into the chocolate?
T - Because nobody would come help me if I yelled "chocolate!"

And now I find this item from a couple days ago. In Kenosha, a town I used to visit all the time, of all places....

Edit, 22 Aug: Dang. Should have known somebody would beat me to the connection. And this bloke has pretty much the entire Smothers Brothers chocolate routine, for those who are curious. (He posted it in reference to a similar, but fatal, accident in 2002.)

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