10 August 2006

Fish stories

This post over at A Geezer's Corner has links to some interesting tales about fish - people in boats running afoul of sturgeon on the Suwanee River, a fisherman getting speared by a marlin, &c.

To which should be added this story about jumping carp. A paragraph or few:

Silver carp and their airborne antics pose an increasing danger to boaters and recreational users of the river. Silver carp normally range from 10 to 20 pounds, Chapman said, which is “plenty big enough to put the hurt on you.”
Being struck by a carp this size while traveling near 20 mph can be devastating. There have been instances of boaters knocked overboard. Breeding tubercles on the fins of males can cause abrasions and, potentially, cuts.
The Geological Survey lost a $500 satellite phone that was in a container “specifically built to guard against carp attack,” when the carp dislodged the entire container and sent it overboard, Chapman said. Chapman also warned boaters to protect radios, fish finders, fairings and fishing rods in consoles.
Jumping carp have landed on the throttle, causing boats to drastically change speeds, once sending a USGS boat up a muddy bank.

This is getting ridiculous....

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bothenook said...

that's what i'm saying! damn natural world. you'd think Gaia is secretly plotting with the pEta wacks, wouldn't ya!