31 August 2006

RIP: Glenn Ford

Glenn Ford died yesterday in Beverly Hills, at the age of 90, according to this article from The Herald.

IMDb lists 109 roles as an actor, from Night in Manhattan (1937) to Final Verdict (1991). The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (1962), Midway (1976) and Superman (1978) are the only ones I can say for sure I've seen, though I'm sure there are others. According to The Herald:
Gilda was not Ford's only classic noir. He also starred in Fritz Lang's The Big Heat, with Gloria Grahame, Jocelyn Brando and Lee Marvin. He played a police officer who is driven over the edge when his wife (Brando) is killed by a bomb intended for him. He pursues a relentless course of vengeance, leaving death and mayhem in his wake. He was reunited with Lang and Grahame on Human Desire (1954), an impressively seedy tale of adultery and murder.

Other films include A Stolen Life (1946) and Frank Capra's Pockeful of Miracles (1961), both of which co-starred Bette Davis; The Teahouse of the August Moon (1956), with Marlon Brando; and the westerns The Man from Colorado (1948), The Fastest Gun Alive (1956), Cowboy (1958) and Day of the Evil Gun (1968). He also starred in the 1960 remake of Cimarron.

Neither The Herald, the Scotsman nor the Washington Post lists a cause of death.

Edit: See also this post, from LawDog.


bothenook said...

hmmm. dude,do you think being 90 isn't sufficient cause of death?
he was a hell of an actor, and i bet i've seen most of his movies.
he seemed to always portray strong, decisive roles. many of my favorite Ford roles were cowboys/sheriffs in westerns, or as a cop.
he also acted in a post WWII comedy about a bunch of misfits titled something like "Don't Go Near the Water", or some such. it was a lot like the McHale's Navy. funny stuff.

Ceeb said...

Aye, Great actor. Just watched Torpedo Run the other day, guess I'm going to get to see it again with all the tribute films.