11 March 2010

Medal of Honor recommended for Civil War

1st Lt Alonzo H Cushing (19 Jan 1841-3 Jul 1863), who served as a battery commander in the 4th US Artillery during the Civil War, has been recommended for a posthumous Medal of Honor. ZUI this article from the Wisconsin State Journal:
Alonzo Cushing, a Civil War hero and the most famous of three Delafield brothers who distinguished themselves in military service, has been recommended to receive the Medal of Honor, 146 years after his death at Gettysburg.

With congressional approval, the U.S. Army first lieutenant would become the 62nd Medal of Honor winner from Wisconsin, the 22nd from the Civil War.

The nomination by Sen. Russ Feingold dates back to 2003. The Army made the recommendation last month, and Feingold announced it Tuesday.

ZUI also this article from Wikipedia, and these articles (including a description of the battle written by Cushing's first sergeant, who received the Medal of Honor for heroism at Gettysburg).

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