09 March 2010

Top 100 Children's Novels: 35-31

And here's the next installment (35-31) of Betsy Bird's "Top 100 Children's Novels" list at A Fuse #8 Production.

I've read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (by J K Rowling, #35 on the list), Mrs Frisby and the Rats of NIMH* (Robert C O'Brien, #32) and Half Magic (Edward Eager, #31).

In fact, I've read Half Magic several times. It almost made my list, but instead I voted for The Time Garden, the fourth book in that series.

Another thing I've been looking at is the list of authors who haven't appeared on the list yet. I've given up on Jim Kjelgaard; Big Red is probably his best contender, and I wouldn't expect it to be in the top 50. Ditto Robert Lawson. But we still haven't had anything from C S Lewis, Lucy Maud Montgomery, Johann Wyss, Lewis Carroll, Louisa May Alcott, E Nesbit, Marguerite Henry, Walter Farley....

Once again, that's the Ukrainian cover for Harry Potter.

* Newbery Medal winner

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